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Which one is the best?

Mascara might be the most difficult trial I've had so far on my quest for cruelty free cosmetics. Mascara is, I feel, a very personal choice. We all have different things we want... some want added volume, some of us just need a little lengthening, some of us need curling, and some of us want it all. I fall in the last category though I admit to having a lot of natural curl in my lashes. Nonetheless, I  like va voom bombshell lashes that POP when I see my reflection. This is especially important because I photograph myself so much that I really don't want to lose my eyes in a fashion shoot. In case I'm not being clear enough: if I could only have two cosmetic products for the rest of my life, I'd choose mascara and eyeliner. I've already found an amazing eyeliner, but the joys that L'Oreal and Diorshow used to give me have been much, much harder to replace. However, I do feel the need to say that none of these mascaras were bad, and in fact some were quite good. I just have really high standards for my mascara, as I am sure most of you do! Here are the 3 cruelty free mascaras that I have tried thus far.

Urban Decay Perversion: I admit it, I love this mascara. It does everything I want and doesn't flake. Instant thickness and lashes so long that I have to be careful they don't get mascara on/towards my brow bone (really!). It's just perfect. However, note that it was a sample size that I got for ordering a sale item from Urban Decay. I've never upgraded to the full size because while Perversion is a wonderful mascara, it's also $22 for .4 oz and therefore out of my current budget. In all honesty though, I probably would splurge on this product if given the opportunity. I really like it!

Milani Runway Lashes: This is hands down the runner up. It gives volume and some lengthening. When they say it creates runway lashes I do see it working towards that look. It's not *quite* bombshell status, but it is very close. Furthermore, it's absolutely the best under $10 mascara I've EVER tried. Milani Runway Lashes is $4.39 for .3 oz at Walgreens.

NYX Propel My Eyes: This is one disappointed me at first. Actually, by itself it's still the worst of the three. Propel My Eyes does a fine job of lengthening and curls fine, but it does not add volume! I repeat, it does not add volume! So I had these weirdly long lashes that seemed too thin. At least, I felt like it looked really weird because that is not my normal look. However, layered with Milani Runway lashes Propel My Eyes can really showed improvement i.e. gave me exactly what I wanted. Definitely bombshell status! I probably won't re-buy it without a sale since it's $8.99 at Ulta for .28 oz, but for now I'll keep layering as together I'd say they are at least as good as Urban Decay's Perversion.

Bonus mention: Not pictured but I just remembered that I have used Tarte's Lights, Camera, Flashes! before and that mascara was awesome! Almost as good as Perversion and is $23.00. I would re-buy Lights, Camera, Flashes! in a heartbeat.

What about you? Have you found an HG mascara that doesn't test on animals? Do you have any recommendations for me to try? Comment below and tell me which mascara I should try next or share any similar experiences!
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