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Oh joy of joys. As much as it makes me sound like a basic white girl, I love fall. I love the carpets of leaves. I love the sounds of crunching underneath my feet. I love how even the city looks like the forest. And I love fall outfits. It seems to me, that in the fall especially, you don't have to really work all that hard to make a great outfit, which is perfect for me because I tend to forget accessories anyway. Not that I don't love them, it's just that nowadays I don't think I need much more than finger rings, and sometimes I even forgo those (though not today, obviously). Actually, there are several reasons why I don't accessorize that much anymore.

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First and foremost, I have to admit the biggest reason I don't use a whole whole lot of accessories in day to day life is that I am lazy and forgetful. Yep, sometimes I actually do plan to go all out - rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings... you get the picture. Then I rush out of the apartment, realize I put on none of these things, am super thankful I at least remembered a scarf or jacket, and then realize with exasperation that I forgot to put on mascara. If I can't even remember all of my makeup, how am I supposed to remember all of my jewelry?!* This may or may not be why there is a spare tube of mascara in my desk at work... ahem. Anyway! I don't worry about accessories too much because I've learned to accept that I am forgetful, among other things. However, while I do often forget, there are many times that I don't always feel like accessories are much needed, anyway.

Think about it, good clothes speak for themselves. This dress, which I apparently wear all the time (3 of my most popular posts include this dress) is such a beauty that I don't really need a lot for it. This time, I simply put on my rings, added some patterned tights and a cardigan, and I felt amazing. I didn't need to fiddle around with more. I find myself leaning more and more this way despite the fact that this attitude kind of contradicts what I used to think my personal style should be. I definitely feel like my style leans more towards contemporary bohemian, which tends to look like this, but now I'm thinking it's more minimalist bohemian (which I am totally making a thing). While I definitely have had my days where I throw everything on, I don't really find it necessary all the time. In fact, in many instances too many accessories can take away from the outfit. Case in point: I personally loved that part of the focus of this shoot was the vibrant leaves carpeting the sidewalk. Nothing needed to take away from the perfect beauty of Mother Nature herself.

Another reason I don't wear a huge variety of accessories all the time is that, believe it or not, I'm actually a minimalist. I love styling and clothes, but I personally believe in owning only what I need and love and can guarantee good use. So to date, I own only a handful of rings, about 6 bracelets, 3 statement necklaces (one of which was a gift), and probably less than 10 pairs of earrings. I'm not going to go count, but I'm pretty sure it's less than 10. Everything I have is worn on a semi-regular basis (for the days when I'm not a total train wreck), but my point is that I like to keep my life simplified. So my few accessories are there for when I want them, but if I forget then they just weren't important that day. I like to feel easy and simple and I firmly believe that you absolutely can look put together without them.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering why I spent so much time talking about accessories when I don't really wear them that much. Or maybe you weren't, but you are now because I mentioned it. The reason is that I do think a lot of people work too hard to get all the little pieces to their outfit just right while constantly browsing Pinterest for comparisons. Well, getting dressed should be fun! Not to say getting all the little details perfect is not fun sometimes, because it really, really can be a blast, but if you're stressing and wondering if you are going to look "complete" to the world every day, you aren't doing yourself any favors. When I first started blogging outfits, I did think about it. A lot. And it turned out that I would take half a dozen outfit shoots and hated every one of them because I overthought the process (as I am wont to do about everything in life - just ask my husband!) and I didn't feel like anything looked as whole and complete as other bloggers with a similar aesthetic as myself. Now, I don't care, because, as I have mentioned before, personal style is just that - personal. I firmly believe you don't owe anyone anything regarding your personal style and you certainly don't need to sit around comparing your outfits to others.

*Proof of point: I had lipstick in my purse for this shoot, and I still forgot to put it on.

P.S. Apparently, I also do not care if my cami line shows under my dress. Hashtag WHATEVER! Seriously though, my only complaint about the Free People Voile and Lace Trapeze slips is that you HAVE to wear something underneath if you don't want the world to see your undies.

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