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 Firstly, forgive me for being late in posting these photos. Besides being tired from shaping the fragile minds of children, I have been a dark place not conducive to writing. My heart is sick with the ways of this world - how people can have so much hate bottled inside their torso until their anger and insanity bursts, inflicting everyone around them with despair.

It's hard to wonder how to go on with our own lives knowing others will never get that chance. It's hard to look at life's little beauties knowing there is so much ugliness creeping in the shadows, waiting to snatch us without notice. This ugliness creates cracks in our hearts, trying to seep bitterness into us and to become the very thing we hate most. It is easy to let the paranoia take over us and to surrender others to evil. We watch the news with sleep in our eyes and pangs in our hearts. Approximately 7 billion aches echo through the seas, over the mountains, and across the plains. It's so easy to give up the good fight - why does it matter to spread kindness? No matter what you or I do, people are still dying of hate, of starvation, of treatable illnesses. In times like these, the temptation to give up is strong. But we must not let this happen.

Stand solid my friends, for while there are those ugly, bitter moments waiting to spring, there is still so much to love. We live in a world where the most vile things happen - it's truth. But we also live in a world where we can go to sleep at night and dream of a time when there will be no tears. No matter how violently we are shaken, we must stand firm like a light pole in a concrete parking lot. No matter what terrors await, the lights stand firm, shining brightest when you need them most.

And so, we must be the same. When our hearts are so heavy we must make an extra effort to change this world for the better. I challenge each of you to do something nice for someone unknown. Buy some flowers and hand them out to strangers. Bring a homeless man a hot meal. Buy durable, high quality toys for a Christmas toy drive. Deliver your neighbor some candies. It doesn't have to be something big, just something to make someone else have a better day. It is in this way that we can best move on, empty our hearts onto tables in which we have gathered loved moments, and offer peace in a time of chaos.

How will you overcome sorrow?

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