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Disclaimer: This post is written in partnership by Adore Me.

In case you haven't been able to tell so far, I love fall. Yes, I'm a total basic white girl when it comes to fall. I always look forward to breaking out grey tights and berry lips and little dresses layered just right. Unfortunately, here in Kentucky, fall is kind of a short season. While I can we have definitely been blessed with a little longer fall than last year (in which winter hit by Halloween), I know it's coming to a close very, very soon. Thus, it's time to start thinking about how to transform my fall loves into winter loves.

Goodbye Fall lippies

Hello Winter Color Palette

Beauty Battles: Cruelty Free Eyeliner

My favorite way to do this is to keep my makeup fun and add heavy knits and/or dark colors. When my brother gifted me with this red cable knit sweater from H&M, I knew it was going to be a classic fall-to-winter staple. It looks great with winter lip colors! I love how I can wear it with my favorite berry lipstick, but now that fall is about to say goodbye, I love to go for a deep, blood red lip as well. In fact, winter makeup is all about the bold lips for me. Don't get me wrong - I love smoky eyes and bright electric eyes during other times of the year. But winter is for deep, moody colors. Colors that make your heart take longer beats and the winter winds come to a brief halt.

That is why this winter I want to embrace the deep colors and cozy knits, while making my makeup match. Lightly smoked eyes with a thick cat eye and deep red lips will make me feel warmer, cozier, and ready for Christmas. Add just a little bronzer to keep my face looking healthy and warm and I think I could go for a snowy afternoon with a cranberry cocktail.

How will you transition your fall palette to winter?

*all photos taken by me or my husband except the lingerie flat lay. That was provided by Adore Me. I would love to splurge on some sexy, moody lingerie this time of year. Everyone wants to look like a model every once in a while.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I highly recommend the Sigma kabuki brush for blending. :)

  2. Yes, with you! I just added some lovely plum & deep red lipsticks to my fall/winter routine, love the look + such an easy way to transition into the new season! xo

    1. Oooh, you should share your favorite colors. Reds and plums are my favorites!

  3. Such a perfect lip color! I love the burgundy lip for winter!

    XO Chelsea

  4. Love that lip color on you, such a perfect shade for this time of year :)

    Thirteen Thoughts

    1. Yep. I love a deep red lip for Christmas time.

  5. Really love those shimmering eyeshadows. Perfect for this coming Christmas.


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