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rainbow lighting photography
My Life Through a Lens is a monthly series of photographs I have taken and loved. It is also an opportunity to rant about anything I would like and take advantage of all creative forms. More than just an Instagram roundup (though many MLTAL posts will have images featured from IG), My Life Through a Lens is a diary of my monthly musings and an opportunity to rant about whatever I like.

anthropologie florist measuring cups

afternoon light on a pitbull

valentines candy in fingers

nutella photography
snow on a pine tree with little cones

snow falling out a window

snow on a pine tree in january

hand holding photo
It's Valentine's Day and it's freezing, but don't let that pull you away from what's most important - love. Grab someone special in your life - your SO, your mother, your cat, your best friend, and just feel the love. And don't forget to love yourself. Let it spread over you like butter on hot bread. Weave a blanket with the threads of love, for the world can be one giant tapestry of love if we make it so. Realize that love is what makes the world go round. Love is what we all have in common. Love is the ability to care when we would rather not. It's the desire to keep going day after day. To do the right thing even when it's scratching us in the face. To try to understand someone's story even when it's difficult to smile at deceitful eyes. Love is in everything we do.

Above all else, remember that no matter the battle, love will always rise victorious. Happy Valentine's Day. I love each and every one of you.

Stay beautiful,


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