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There's a new ring in the family.

My Life Through a Lens is a monthly series of photographs I have taken and loved. It is also an opportunity to rant about anything I would like and take advantage of all creative forms. More than just an Instagram roundup (though many MLTAL posts will have images featured from IG), My Life Through a Lens is a diary of my monthly musings and an opportunity to rant about whatever I like.
Boho hair accessories sitting on a chipped windowsill.
Lately, I have been all about being at home. I don't know if it's because we just had to renew our lease or I am getting tired of the cold winds, but I'm all about this cozy apartment just in time to realize that the complex sold and will no longer be allowing all breeds of dogs to live here. We are currently grandfathered in, but I worry how many more years they will tolerate my having two dogs - both over 50 pounds and one an American Pit Bull Terrier. So I have been trying to capture the things I have made lovely about my current home as a keepsake. A memory of this place for when we inevitably have to move, since I will never ever give up these two beautiful lives that stare into my face each day with love in their hearts. However, it's not all bad. I feel like I finally got a great rough draft going so I can't wait to transport these ideas into a new home later this year.... owned or rented.
How could you say no to this face?
Or this one?

Earlier in the year, I got to paint the walls a lovely super pale grey that actually looks white and I've been trying to find more ways to embrace this vintage 1930s apartment (which is what I call it to feel better about it being a little run down - it really is a 30s apartment though). I did leave the bedrooms beige, which, because we may be moving again, is a little bit of a relief. Nonetheless, these last 4 years I've been trying to collect little elements to make my space feel more bohemian and full of life, while still keeping with my minimalist tendencies. I have also been trying to keep more fresh flowers around because there is just something delightful about coming home and sorting through your things on a dining table and being greeted by their colorful smiles.
flower petals in the morning sun
When the flower petals fall, douse them in morning light.

anthropologie measuring cups
Measuring cups in the morning sun.
I made a very fake dreamcatcher. These are the feathers.

Reading with Jaycee. We love Saturdays,
boho and bohemian decoration ideas with jewelry
Part 1 of my jewelry display.
Boho bag given to me at random.
bohemian statement pieces hung on the wall
Vintage wall hook purchased at a local vintage shop.
how to hang jewelry on the wall
Part 2 of my jewelry display.

P.S. Did you know that the best way to display your jewelry is to tap straight pins into the wall? Most necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings will dangle in such a beautiful way from them. It's cost efficient, easy, and not distracting. I do like to have a few hooks around for heavier items, hence the vintage anchors, but really, I'll be doing to straight pins again someday when we move. You don't even have to patch the holes. How lovely!

How have you been making your home lovely?

Stay Beautiful,


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