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How to wear a bright blue royal cobalt dress

how to wear a blue dress with black
how to wear a bright blue dress

Blue and black, black and blue, never wear them together, they say.

I say boo, with no rhyme intended. Whilst I did touch on this subject on the blog before, I rather lately decided that perhaps I should tell you how to ease into breaking fashion rules instead of just running around on a rampage and smashing them against the sidewalk. Just how do you wear black and blue together?
how to wear a cobalt blue dress with black

how to wear chelsea boots with tights
how to wear boho rings

For starters, if you are nervous, stay away from navy/black combinations. If a color is too close to black you may feel slightly washed out, unsure where one ends and the other begins. Instead, choose a bright blue that pops open the outfit. Let that blue stand out among the crowd and leave all other pieces in the neutral-ish zone. Likewise, if nervous, I would recommend staying away from too light a blue as well, lest you feel like you are at a black and white party, which are lovely for New Year's but perhaps less so for a spring Sunday.

But above all else, wear what you wear with confidence. Because I promise you, one could wear a dress entirely made of bubble wrap and police tape and with the right confidence, anyone would believe it was a proper ensemble. A confident soul is a happy soul and if unexpected color combinations make you happy, be that happy flower.

can you wear black with bright bluehow to wear royal blue with black

lexington kentucky arboretum in spring

can you wear black tights with a blue dress

Besides, blue and black are a lovely way to celebrate spring when the skies still have the greys of winter but the singing of birds in the blooming of flowers. It's almost as if to say that everything is to be appreciated, which, of course it is.

Now for a little life update!

Please forgive any absences that may occur in the following weeks. Taking notes from the robins digging for worms and the stray kitten outside hunting insects through the tall grasses, my husband and I are also on the hunt - the hunt for a house, that is. It may take up my time, and my posts may be less frequent for a few weeks or contain shorter prose. Nonetheless, I am filled the joy of a daffodil dripping with warm rain and I hope to be able to update you with everything soon. Thank you kindly.

Stay Beautiful,


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