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This photo is bad but I love it. Sue me.

For the first time in a long, long time, I didn't post to this blog on a Sunday, simply because I had nothing to say. I wasn't ill, or busy moving, or working overtime, or rehearsing for a dance performance. I was out of words.

And I am still out of words, yet oh so full of them. I want to scream everything to the world and praise everything that is beautiful. I want to capture every moment before it is gone.

Maybe this is what summer feels like. But I feel so full of little things: a desire to write more, a desire to read more, a desire to grow and watch things grow, a desire to do damn near everything. And thus, my mind is filled with all the little naggings that I did not do. You did not mop the floor. You did not fold the laundry. You did not complete that book or take that photo shoot. You did not make your self imposed blogging deadline. I am a victim of trying to do everything, tis true. My to-do list is ever growing and every time I do not exceed my list, I am disappointed in myself.

I know this is unhealthy. I am a human woman in 2016 with a full time job, a dance hobby, a writing hobby, and a photography hobby. I come home from work to do more work. In this manner, I must come to the following conclusion:

I do enough and it must be enough.

Everything is enough. We do what we do when we can, and sometimes you need a brain dead afternoon to refresh.

So what is a girl to do? She is to take her time. Because I am so full I could burst and then there would be nothing left.

I am finding writer's block is really not a block at all, but too many ideas racing for space in the brain. The brain is like a pegboard - I have too many pegs and not enough board. I wish for a day off - not like a weekend, but a real day off when I would normally go to work. I wish for time to collect all the cards that just flipped off the table and carefully rearrange them to size and color. But I don't have it right now. Maybe someday I will.

But for now, a ramble. A good, old fashioned, innocent ramble. I hope you don't mind, but I must do it if for no other reason than to clear a little headspace and perhaps finally be able to sleep.

How do you combat writer's block? Do you find yourself with too much to do in too little time? Does guilt riddle you when you do not complete the goals of the super-human? Do you ask far too many questions when you have nothing to say?

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Stay Beautiful,




  1. I loved this and totally get where you're coming from. Life can be hectic trying to do everything in one day. I just try to remind myself of whats important :)

  2. I'm finding that I have SO MANY ideas & things I want to do, write etc. But not enough time or energy to do so. LOL So I just priortize my day to what I need to get done and if there is any left over time I do so. I need more hands!

  3. This is a wonderful post, and it is definitely filled with meaning and positivity. I experience writer's block at times and agree- I often feel like I have too many things I wish to do at once, and have little sense of direction. I usually take some time to explore, take some time for myself and relax so that I can slowly start writing again! You write so well and so deeply, it's always such a refreshing read :)

    My Lovelier Days

  4. Ugh, I hate writer's block! I combat it by taking a breather and doing anything else but writing. Sometimes you need to read, watch TV, dance, walk, do anything but write, in order to find the inspiration again. Good luck! :)

  5. Great post. Sunday was a day of not doing anything for me either, although mine reasons were a bit different. I know how you feel. Writer's block is the worst. But sometimes you need to sit back take a deep breath and take a well earned break. A day off or two is ok. :)

  6. Wise words. The most important thing is self-care. If you're not feeling great, there's no need to enforce a self-imposed standard on yourself. Take a moment to just be. And guess what? You created a post from it anyway. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  7. I think that disconnecting and reading is what helps me best when I either can't find anything to write about, or have too many ideas at once. :)

    Thirteen Thoughts

  8. Nice thoghts on writer's block! Your post and the comments above offer many tips for those who are facing this problem! ^_^


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