The Wild Dancer Celebrates Solstice | A Rose in Bloom

The solstice was Monday. A day I always look forward to though I never really celebrate. Nonetheless, I was happy that the solstice was Monday.

As I walked out of dance class and watched those pink hues melt with orange ones over the railway tracks, I stood there frozen. I wondered how many sunsets have I seen drag past the horizon and surely the answer is this: not nearly enough.

One can never have enough sunsets, or enough green life, or enough dancing. There are never too many fireflies lighting up your window or an excess of marshmallows waiting to be roasted. Never too many dances to be performed in the wild for only the flowers and mosquitoes to see. Never too many bees to suckle the sweet clover, and never, ever enough time for dancing.

So how are we to enjoy summer's savory treats when we are trapped in fluorescent jungles?

Put on a bell sleeved dress that moves with the wind and we dance. We dance, outside, inside, in our mind, in our hearts. We just dance. Let every step this summer be a movement in the dance of life.

How did you celebrate the solstice? Did you at least see the strawberry moon? My moon was clouded over. :(

Stay Beautiful,


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