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A swipe of grunge on the strength of bohemian.

That is what I called my personal style this past spring, when the leaves were not yet on the trees and a chilly air lingered among the city's rooftop. I was right then, and perhaps I am still right today, but the thickness of the summer's breath has left my fingterips grazing across fabrics that barely touch my skin. Things that lightly sit there, floating downwards onto my shoulders when I sit like a feather dropped from a rooftop.

Today, I am drifting from the sublime into the ridiculous and further into the realm of clothes that technically, I should never wear. But I am happiest in breezy fabrics and layers and softness kissing my skin, bare without its under-layers that I so clung to only two months ago. In fact, summer makes me crave a soft, form melting wardrobe even more. Really, I think am in love with the soft haze of summer, period.

Simply typing those words is hard for me to believe because I used to hate summer, you know. I've mentioned many times in the past how the thickness of the air feels like a pillow shoved onto my face, making me want to vomit onto the sharp blades of grass, but this summer has become oddly different. Maybe it was the long winter. Maybe I enjoy photography too much. Maybe the humidity levels are much lower than they ever were before, but this summer, I feel as if I wasn't simply born to die.*

Once you become buried in the woods or look out into a thick blanket of green and see life everywhere you go, you become grateful not for just life, but all life. In turn, it makes me love my surroundings in a way that must have been buried somewhere in my past. I am in love with all the life I see - the baby birds who have made my front porch fern their home, the clover that is in full bloom two days after mowing, and even the weeds in my strawberry bed. I am in love with the life summer brings and the thunderstorms and the long golden days.

I am even in love with myself. I find myself hardly ever wearing makeup this summer... on this day I think that I wore none. Perhaps that is bad for photographs, but I feel so alive and free of late, that it would be a crime to blanket my natural color with something God did not place there (that is to say, I love makeup, but I just don't want it right now, kind of how one loves a good earl gray, but this is not the right time).

Do not get me wrong. There will always be a place in my heart for crisp leaves followed by that first snowfall, but for the first time in my adult life, I am in love with the summer. Let us rejoice together.

Do you love summer, or do you wait it out for cooler temperatures?

*After writing this, I realized: I moved. Into a beautiful tiny space with a front porch and flowers and bushes. That is probably why I enjoy this summer, thus this post is wasted, but alas! It is already written.

Stay Beautiful,


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