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Sometimes I dream of a little woodland cottage, where one can awake with the sun and sleep with the moon, gather wild mint and raise hens for eggs. I dream of being a medicine woman, knowing exactly which herbs and concoctions for which ailment will best soothe an aching belly. I dream of a simpler life.

But it is only a dream. Truthfully, while I would love to learn more about natural medicine, I know I would never be happy in a woodland cottage. For a time, I would love the having the birds be my only music, the flowers my friends, and the wild nuts and berries my nourishment. After several sunrises though, I know that, in sincerity, I would grow weary of it. I would miss coffee shops and libraries. I would miss the noise! Truly, even though I adore my lovely little home with its vintage hardwood floors, I cannot help but miss the noise of apartment living.

I have always thrived on activity and noise, and, most importantly, people.

Nonetheless, it is nice to have a dream that you never fulfill. You know, the kind of dream that you want to remain a dream. The kind that should forever be a haze because, truthfully, you know it is not a good fit. In your heart, you are infatuated with the result, not the path to get there or the consequences of the result. The dream is just that - a dream! You simply want to be someone else for a few moments a day - to have something to ponder, to distract you from the cruelty of reality. Those are the kinds of dreams that should forever remain unfulfilled.

Because, truly, I could never live in a woodland cottage and I don't want to do farm work. But it is nice to step into new shoes for momentary lapse of reason.

Do you have a dream that you have no intention on pursuing?

Stay Beautiful,


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