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 Reading. It is a heavy topic on this blog, partly because I am such an avid writer, partly because I am such a budget queen (libraries cost nothing out of pocket), and partly because, well, it is a lovely thing to do. But lately, will all the summer fun to be had, I am finding myself easily stuck in this dreadful little place called "real life."

What a bummer.

Truthfully, it makes me sad that I am easily seduced by Instagram and sunny walks (Instagram more so than the walks, definitely) but the fact is, this: for me summer is a very difficult time for reading. Yes, that is the opposite of what we are taught to be in school (summer reading programs, anyone?) but I am so stimulated by so many different things that it is damn difficult to sit still and do any one thing. Especially, it seems, things that are not multitask-able. Reading, I am talking to you.

Exactly how does one find time for reading when there simply doesn't seem to be any time for stillness?

You make time for stillness.

A little piece of advice that is much easier said than done, one must create his or her own time for stillness in which to incorporate reading. I'll even let you in on another little secret on how to do this: it doesn't have to be a great effort. Last week, I wrote about how to ease back into reading, and admittedly this advice is similar, though not exact: read just a little bit if you are strapped for time. Set aside 15 minutes that is a slot just for you, and simply read - anything. Read a short story or a poem or even a respected essay. A magazine even counts in this instance. Exercise your eyes across a page for a small, manageable amount of time, and perhaps you will find yourself craving more.

Perhaps, over the course a few months or so, you will find that you can make more and more time, based on your desires. You may find that a half hour a day (or less!) is all you will ever have time for (and never let any academic condemn you for it - you have your own life to live as best as you see fit. readers can often be quite judgmental to those who choose to spend some time on TV or other activities. you do not need these friends.) and that, my friends, is perfectly acceptable.

After all, 30 minutes of heart-rest and mind-race is healthier and happier than none at all. Pick up a short story today, or even a novel, and read it one word at a time.

Savor your stillness.

How will you put this into practice?

Stay Beautiful,


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