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I feel another essay coming on soon but on what I've no idea. Or when, if we are being truthful. What does "soon" mean? Two days? A month? I hope I know soon (whatever that is),so that I can release whatever is trapped, but perhaps not knowing is half the fun.

Or the fear of not knowing what might come out. But then, fear is a part of being a writer.

And I am always terrified and enthralled with the next new thing.

Isn't fear a part of it all?


Lately, I am stuck on reading and not so much on writing. This summer has been for blowing through novel after novel after novel. Right now, I am reading a book by Jeffrey Eugenides called The Marriage Plot. I am in love with it as much as some of my favorites. Maybe it will be a new favorite. I can see why it won a Pulitzer Prize.

And so I am going to run off and finish it, as it is literally eating me up with anticipation. Each page is an adventure to the extent that I go to sleep late and arise early.

And so that is the joy of a good story.

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