The Return of Grunge (or how to do summer grunge) | A Rose in Bloom

As each August chapter sprouts, I slowly begin to wish for autumnal waves to enchant my world. As much as I try to live in the moment, it is so very difficult to show gratitude for hot, humid 90 degree Fahrenheit days, especially when you have been having them since early May. In so many words: I am weary of summer's thickness wrapped around my neck.

With these feelings in tow, I can honestly say that although I definitely identify my style as bohemian on the strength of grunge, the latter does take a bit of a backseat when the May tide brings waves of heat. Whispers of autumn, however, trigger cravings of it's return, and thus, this year, I am tempted to find summer grunge styles that capture the slight edge I so crave, but also give way to my summer bohemian love affair.

Needless to say, I have done it. With a dress that I have literally worn at least 4 times on this blog. Donning my trusty floral friend, black stiff tee, tenacious combat boots, and a berry lip that I wear regardless of the calender's whims, I can dance my way into that autumnal waltz, while still remaining cool enough to function in summer's blistering fever.

I am glad of it. I always miss the grunge aesthetic in summer, but now, perhaps I can have a marriage of the two. Or at least a peaceful tolerance.

How do you dress grunge in the summer? How do you transition from summer to fall without feeling like you are baking in an oven? Are you craving autumn as much as me, as much as I do every year? Why do I have so many questions?

Dance your way through the seasons, loves.

Stay Beautiful,


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