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Welp, my husband wanted to go to White Castle on a Friday night.  You know what this means for any sane person: you have to get drunk to eat White Castle*.  But you need to do it effectively, and deliciously.  So, I made up a cocktail on the spot with what I had on hand.  I must say it tastes pretty damn good!  Here is how...

Absolut Raspberry
Raspberry Schnapps
Cranberry Raspberry juice cocktail (we used Meijer store brand - heh)
7 Up

In your Boston cocktail shaker, put in desired amount of ice, 4 oz Absolute Raspberry, 2 oz schnapps, and 3 oz juice.  Shake well.  Pour into classy cocktail glasses and top with 7 Up. Mmmmm.  Serves 2.

*Husband is special and can down White Castle sober.  Not possible for me.  Also, I need a better camera or better lighting in my apartment. Haha.
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