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For quite some time now, Roger and I have been on the quest for the best grilled cheese.  I do mean that we wanted to make the king of all grilled cheese.  We wanted the whole world to bow down in the inspiring awe of said grilled cheese.

Well folks, we finally did it.  You see, we went to Bluegrass Baking Company today, in search of the perfect bread for the perfect grilled cheese.  They have the best bread in the world (Seriously, NYC and SF don't have shit on this yo.) so logically speaking, it was the best place to look.  Nate, from Nate's Coffee was there advertising his coffee (which is really good) and, upon hearing our plight, informed us that the mini focaccias are the best thing in the world.  HE WAS NOT WRONG.  Add some gouda, muenster, butter, olive oil, and maybe other things that we won't share, and you have this:

Yeah, we died and went to grilled cheese heaven.  Thank you, Nate.
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