Friday DO: Dare to go bare + a playlist | A Rose in Bloom
This spring has started a trend that truly makes me feel at home in my spirit: showing a little more skin and showing subtle hints of intimates. While it may be scary to some, I encourage everyone to give it a go and feel the difference in the breathing of your surface. Trade those sweaters for low backed dresses and extreme racer backs. Let the sun warm parts of you that have probably not seen the sun in several months. Feel it soak into your bones.

Don't know how to show off that bra? First, decide which part you want to show. Do you have detailed strappy backing? Try a backless or low back dress and wear the Strappy Back Bra from Free People's April Catalogue, or a similar design. Choose a loose, flowing top with low armholes if you want to show off the sides of a bra. Feel beautiful in your own skin, however you choose to display it to the world.

Wearing these details in the soft spring air has got me wanting to float through bright fields of grass littered with dandelions. With soft glows etching themselves faintly into my morning wake, I was in the mood for soft songs that made me feel like dancing floating through Spring's gentle breezes. Awake, softly and sweetly, just like plant life bursting through the pods. Do you have any favorite spring songs?

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