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Only in Kentucky will you find a beer cheese festival. No, really, beer cheese was invented here, and people love it. Because it is damn delicious. Anyway, we walked around and sampled different beer cheeses and oh my gosh you guys, I think I could eat it all day. If you have never tried it, DO. Now. It is especially good melted on nachos.

But I digress. We originally intended to take photos at the actual festival, but realized we didn't want to hold up other people trying to get through. Then we went into a lovely alleyway and..... took a bunch of photos before realizing there was trash evvvvverywhere. Oops. But all is not lost. This little F21 number was a great dress for a hot, sunny day. I am in love with open backed clothing this year. It just feels so free to feel the sun on my back as I walk the dog.

We also wandered into a flea market and found a beautiful silver bracelet with Chinese symbols and art carved into it. I have actually been wanting a carved silver cuff for a while so it was the timing of Fate. Cheers all, enjoy the sun's smiles.

Dress: Forever 21// Bra: Free People// Shoes: Free People// Cutoffs (not shown): Free People


  1. Umm a beer cheese festival sounds amazing!!! Love that dress you have on!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Ok beer cheese?! I want to go!! Love your dress!!

    <3 Shannon

  3. Great pictures.. Love the back of the dress <3


  4. Look how cute you are! Love the dress.

  5. lovely dress :)


  6. What an awesome festival! HaHaHa I love your dress! The back is so cool!


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