Friday DO: Celebrate Halloween | A Rose in Bloom
13 Odd and Disturbing Vintage Halloween Cards

Finally, my favorite holiday rolls around once more. Time to hand out candy, carve a pumpkin, watch horror films, and eat waaay too much sugar. I love this time of year. It seems so much less stressful than other holidays. No expectations, just pure fun, plain and simple. No stressful meal preparation, no family to buy for, no bugging of any kind. I love it.

Speaking of Halloween, did you know The History and Psychology of Clowns Being Scary? Crazy stuff there.

Or that the first Jack o Lantern was actually carved in a turnip?

In fact, here are 8 Random Facts about Halloween that you might now have known. I did not know that seeing a spider on Halloween means a loved one is watching you!

What Halloween myths were you unaware of? Are you dressing up? Share in the comments!

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