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You wake up on a crisp Sunday morning with the fresh light creeping through your blinds like stars about to burst with opportunity. Check the time and see that it's not too early, not too late. Grab your favorite pair of lounging pants and clumsily slip them on before floating to the kitchen to make your favorite at home coffee drink. This day belongs to you.

While the coffee brews, listen to the sound. Perhaps there is a low croaking and drip drip drip echoing through your home. Perhaps it is the crackle of fresh grounds absorbing their fate as you pour the water over the grinds. Take a moment to breath deeply, allowing the scents to carry you away, drifting to an imaginary land.

While the coffee is brewing, begin combing your hair, feeling each tingle and massage as the comb runs over your scalp. Feel your blood flow, waking your body from its peaceful slumber. A new day, and new life, a new opportunity is being created. Gaze into the clear sky and feel the rays of sunlight warm your cheek bones. If weather permits, crack the window and let clear, clean air infiltrate your lungs, refreshing your groggy mind.

With coffee in hand, allow yourself the luxury of time. Pick up a book you have been meaning to read, or an old magazine you always meant to devour. Light some incense and let the smell linger in the room for hours. On this day, simply rest as your body is meant to do. Turn off your phone and simply enjoy all that is around you. Play music for the mind and absorb chords you never noticed. Think about lyrics you always sang for granted. Allow each sensation of everything you do to quench your thirst for life. The day is yours.


  1. so nicepost

  2. Such lovely writing- oh my a day to myself sounds oh so incredible, hope you enjoyed it!


    1. Thank you! I actually do not get many days like this! It should be every Sunday, but life is real.

  3. Love this Lizzie! HaHaHa I do the same! It's like a ritual on the weekends.

  4. This is beautiful!! I love the weekend because who doesn't love relaxing and finding time to think things over?

  5. The whole coffee brewing, relaxing, snuggly sweater thing... totally on board with ya!



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