Friday DO: Take Time To Rest | A Rose in Bloom

As mentioned in my previous post, taking time to rest is essential for us as human beings. Without sufficient rest, we often end up irritable, and frequently take it out on those we love most. We lash out, snapping, being hurtful, and end up feeling even worse for our negative attitudes. Sometimes, everyone needs a little time in which to do nothing. That little bit of nothing can be an unexpected day off, a relaxing afternoon, or even an opportunity to sleep an extra hour.

This weekend, find some time to lounge. Wake up when you feel good and ready, take a hot bath, slowly enjoy a simple breakfast and coffee. If you have plans and are too tired, consider cancelling them, or minimizing the stress by not staying as long at that meetup. Maybe even change the plan - have an at home spa day or Netflix binge with a pajama pal! I find that with holiday stress just around the corner, it is more important than ever to just wedge a little bit of rest in your week for what is to come. Refreshed with a new life, you may find the holidays are even more enjoyable than ever before!

Do the best that you can, even if it's just a few hours at home of silence. Sit on the floor and feel your breath rattle through your bones. Let the weight fall off and a beam of light shine pierce through your chest. Know that you are doing this for your physical and mental health. Know that your health is important. You are important.
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