Ahora, Primavera | A Rose in Bloom

I love those first tendrils of grass shooting up through the mud, strong willed and determined. I love that first cool breeze as I walk my dogs down the street. The stale air has become fresh again, filling my lungs with that first clean, sweet draft. I love the first sip of coffee as I sit in my husband's hoodie gazing out the street below us. I love that the songs of nature have begun again - birds singing, babies crying, the sounds of things growing and learning. I love those first rays of sunlight creeping in through my balcony door welcoming the world. Mornings are no longer gray but bright and welcoming for what is to come. I love watching my dogs sunbathe in the rays, content that there is no longer a crunchy sheet of stale precipitation under their paws when they leave our little home. I love those first fresh crisps of cucumber as they remind me that a new season is dawning, and the last crisps of Bosc pear saying goodbye dear friend, until next time.
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