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Ever since I was a little child, words have been very powerful to me. The simple sounds, the reactions, the emotions provoked… guys, I was the kid that used to run around thinking of words just to get a reaction out of my mother. 

“Hey Mom!”

This was usually followed by my mom chasing me around the living room threatening to wash my mouth out with soap (I was 3, after all). In fact, I did get to taste soap once because I said shit at church. But I digress. Words can push our buttons, make our ears tingle, or spread joy. As I got older and into my late teens, I realized some words just sound… delicious. I can’t really think of a more fitting adjective, but do you know those words? The words that just sound beautiful and rich in your ears. Words that send a tingle down your spine. For me, one of those words has always been “photograph.” Even before I was [trying to be] into photography, there was something about the way it rippled out of the throat that made me want to shiver, yet left me feeling oddly satisfied. Another word is “rebellion.” I think it’s the way the almost “y” sound leaks through the air. Plus, I like the word “bell” so maybe that one is a double whammy. Either way, it’s something I've been noticing afresh lately – the way things sound and how it affects the mind and mood. Maybe appreciating the vibrations born into the air is healthy. Maybe it’s just weird. But sometimes, it feels good to appreciate something for no reason at all.

So tell me, do you have words that make you stop and think? Is anything delightfully rich as it echoes into your canals? Let me know!


  1. I can't think of any words off the top of my head that I love the sound of, but what I have noticed lately, living in another country & speaking a second language, that I now look at English words and wonder why we call certain things what we call them. And I often have trouble trying to explain certain words. There are some words that we use in Spanish that there is no translation for in English, and sometimes I feel at a loss for words when trying to explain something in English! Then there are those times when you say a word so much that it seems to lose all meaning!
    Oh, I just remembered a Spanish word I really like to use: "kilombo".


    1. I feel you there! I've studied a lot of Spanish and Latin and sometimes I find myself substituting Spanish words in my thoughts or wanting use a Latin phrase. Languages are interesting like that... somethings just aren't as powerful when translated.

      Ha, kilombo is a fun sounding word!

  2. Great post!! Xoxo


  3. I've loved reading from the time I could hold a book! :) Words evoke more response in me that anything else. A word that makes me think? Mortality, oh and Legacy. Great post sweetie!

    - Che


  4. great :) love your blog :)


  5. Oooh, I love how you wrote about words...I had to say "rebellion" out a few times to appreciate and notice the "y" sound that hangs in the air.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

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  7. I literally still remember the moment I learned how to read- how the sounds clicked in my head and then words just started tumbling out. I loved how you described the y in rebellion as almost leaking out into the air- that was so weirdly spot on. I always loved the meaning and weight of words, but I've never really thought about the actual way they sounded- that's such a cool observation. I can't think of any that I love right now, but you better believe I'll be paying attention a lot more closely :)

    xo marlen
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