Dear Stranger, Part I | A Rose in Bloom

You got up early on a Saturday to bask in the light
that streams from the tall, gleaming windows.
But you sit away from them, warming your back.
The light shines upon a book that has taken your mind hostage.
Immediately I know this is not anything you "have" to read -
No, you want to read this story.
I can tell by the way you chew your fingers
in anticipation of each fresh new page;
each a plethora of information greater than the last.
Groups of old men chattering and twittering
does not distract, even if the chatter echoes like a diner
instead of a quiet, sacred space.

Poring over a book on an early Saturday demonstrates dedication
to life and to love.
Thought it is warm in here, you are bundled for the cold that awaits - 19 degrees!
Or maybe you are too entrenched to notice the heat. Perhaps even...
You are blocking all other information and have failed to notice the sun toasting our heads.

But wait - you help a child find something he dropped
Out of one world and into another
Upon seeing this kindness, I know
Every human emotion from one world
Is transferable to the next.

Good morning, dear stranger.
I hope you find another world entirely.

This is a potential series/exercise in creative writing. I hope you enjoy it.

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