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Have you ever wanted to know more about me? No? Well, too bad. I've temporarily lost my laptop charger (don't worry, should be mailed back soon!) so instead of photos of old barns I took on the interstate, you get a selfie and some facts you may have never wanted to know. Unless you're a snoop. Then you really wanted to know.

  1.  I was supposed to have been an abortion, but my mom decided she was willing to take care of a child with Down's Syndrome after all. Turns out I didn't/don't have Down's Syndrome.
  2. Having suffered from depression at various points in my life, I am a firm advocate of mental health research and treatment. It saves lives.
  3. I can't choose between being a coffee lover and a tea lover. I go through periods where I drink primarily one or the other for a month or more at a time.
  4. I have four (!) brothers so I tend love all things girly while tromping through the mud.
  5. My home was robbed twice when I lived in Alabama. When I moved to Kentucky, I got a pitbull as a guard dog. She now lovingly (re: terrified) hides behind me from cats, thunderstorms, and various small animals. Bumblebees, however, are fair game.
  6. I have since learned pitbulls do not make good guard dogs.
  7. Speaking of bumblebees, I have an absurd, embarrassing fear of all things that sting. One of my brothers was deathly allergic to insect venom and I watched him almost die after getting stung by a wasp when I was maybe 10. I think that's why I run away like a screaming toddler chased by a bear when I see a bee.
  8. I was a super artsy child. I learned drawing, painting, various forms of dance, and did theatre in college. The only field I still practice is ballet/modern dance.
  9. I didn't start learning ballet till I was 14 and I still earned a tutu by 23. Never let anyone tell you it's too late to learn something.
  10. My favorite band is Bright Eyes if I am emotional.
  11. Or Green Day if I'm feeling nostalgic.
  12. Or Bob Dylan and Jack White when I feel like a grown up.
  13. I'm trying to switch all my makeup to cruelty free because animals don't deserve to have chemicals shoved into their eyes. This task is harder than I thought. If anyone knows a cruelty free version of the MAC mineralize skin finish, help a sister out.
  14. I used to have terrible body image issues. I think I had  an eating disorder many years ago (certainly had many symptoms), but ain't nobody got money to look into that. I hated my wide set hips and consequently larger thighs and butt. These days I give zero f*(&$. Most of the time.
  15. I used to have a belly button piercing but my body rejected it. Boo.
  16. I want a tattoo but I'm scared!!!
  17. The last book I read was Yes Please by Amy Poehler.
  18. My favorite book is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. The tears are real!
  19. My favorite show is 30 Rock. 
  20. Liz Lemon is exactly why I didn't pursue theatre tech as a career.
  21. There are few things more satisfying than a glass of red wine and dark chocolate.
  22. I have two favorite quotes: "A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do." - Bob Dylan. “A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.”- C.S. Lewis
  23. I have the handwriting of a child.
  24. I love rainstorms and dry heat so I can never decide where I want to live in the future. 


    1. My handwriting is kiddish also! HaHaHa Sign of a smart person :) That is something how your mom was misdiagnosed during her pregnancy with you. Omg'sh! So glad she didn't abort you! WOW! Bees make my face blow up and so does excessive sun. I have to wear sunscreen and bug spray.

      1. Yeah, childlike handwriters unite! Hah, obviously, I am glad my mom didn't either. What a surprise for her!

    2. I want a tattoo also!!! But just like u, I'm scared too.. :-( I enjoyed reading it!! Xoxo

      Check out my new post

    3. I always love About Me posts! I guess that means I'm a snoopy person? I've been meaning to post one myself, but keep putting it off for one reason or another. I actually couldn't believe your first fact....when my Mom was pregnant with me, the doctors thought I had spina bifida and my Mom also had the decision to go through with the pregnancy or not. She went with the the excellent decision of having me, of course (and I'm glad your Mom did the same). Then once I was born, the doctors thought I had Down Syndrome! They were wrong about that, too. Kind of makes me question the doctors that were dealing with my Mom during her pregnancy. I think that was a big reason why they decided not to have any more kids after me---the doctors "diagnoses" were stressful enough.

      I too have a problem deciding whether I am a coffee or a tea girl because I go through phases. A few weeks ago it was peppermint tea, now it's coffee...but I think that's only because these days I really need the coffee to make it through the day.
      I love that you have a Pitbull and are sharing how they really are! It's important for people to know that "bully breeds" aren't what everyone thinks they are and that they shouldn't generalize (I have a Rottweiler who's as sweet as can be....we actually fostered a kitten last year and every time the kitten went near Agatha, my Rottweiler, she went running away haha)
      I love rainstorms if it means I can sit inside all day and be lazy haha otherwise, not a fan..I'd have to say I prefer the dry heat, and because of that, Arizona is one of my favorite places!
      I could go on and on, responding to each fact you posted, but I think my comment is long enough haha
      Hope you're having a good week! :-)


      1. Hah, naw you're not really a snoop. Unless I am too because I looooove to find out people's odd quirks. Um, if I were your mom no way would I have had another child either! How traumatizing! I know being a doctor is a highly specialized and difficult field but that is ridiculous care!

        I agree with "needing" coffee - at least on work days. This past winter though it was no unheard of for me to drink an entire pot of Earl Grey every Saturday and Sunday. Actually, that sounds like a problem, haha.

        Yes! My husband and I want to help rescue pitbulls if we ever own a house. They are actually incredibly gentle, sweet dogs. Good with children and small animals if they aren't scared of everything lol. I've only seen my pit get aggressive when a poodle at the dog park kept mounting her and I can't say I blame her for that!

        Arizona! Have you been to Phoenix? My husband might have a job out there in the next year or so (post graduation) and I've really been thinking about whether or not I will like the desert. I think I would, but I've only really visited a desert one time!

        Have an amazing week yourself!

    4. I hate bees! I run like a crazy person too! I want a tattoo too, but I'm also scared that it's going to hurt! If I ever get the courage I would love to get a feather on my forearm! How cool that you know ballet!!


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