Bunbury 2015 Photo Recap + Playlist | A Rose in Bloom


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I attended Bunbury Music Festival in downtown Cincinnati this past weekend! I won't lie and say the weekend didn't start out rough (two hour wait to get in the park? Please.) but once they worked out their bugs, it was a fun festival full of great music and that wonderful Ohio River breeze. I chose not to take my expensive DSLR* because I like to really delve deep into crowds and because there was a chance of rain, so I decided to just make do with my phone and run a live Instagram feed of that beautiful park. Attached is a playlist with one song from each band I saw live! Let me know which one is your favorite!

*Amazing decision. I got soaked between Walk the Moon and The Black Keys. My camera is not water proof and I was absolutely jammed into my spot. Favorite concert moments would not include hunching over protecting an expensive piece of equipment in a state of panic. Also, bonus Walk the Moon selfie. I let some strangers paint muh face!

For more #bunburyfestival photos, visit my Instagram.
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