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Free People Voile and Lace Trapeze Slip for fall
If you are wondering if you've seen this outfit before, you definitely have. Almost one year ago to date, in fact. I was looking back at some old posts and it really amazes me how much I have grown in 2015. My photography (and that of my husband and brother, each of whom has been taught how to photograph me when needed) is so much better, my poses are better, and I feel much better about the quality I've provided to you, my dear readers. Every since I decided to make quality my number one priority, which, consequently, I thought meant abandoning outfit posts, I've really been proud of some of the work I've brought to the table. That is why we are going back one year as an homage to growth.

Free People Military Ruffle Twill Jacket styleFree People Military Ruffle Twill Jacket style

Free People Military Ruffle Twill Jacket style

Dress: Free People Voile and Lace Trapeze Slip
Jacket: Free People Military Twill Jacket
Socks: Free People Fiddler Tall Sock
Boots: Free People Joe Lace Up

Besides obtaining my Nikon and 50mm lens (which I really, really recommend for upcoming bloggers), I've also changed a lot about myself. I'm happier. I've learned to love the body I have, which has consequently led to a little weight loss (don't stress and good things happen!). I've also learned to have more patience than I did last fall, which has really been the key to my quality. Oh friends, if only you saw all the frustrated messes of posts in progress. All the heartaches when my eyes weren't in focus. All the sighs at the sun coming out on a cloudy day, thus ruining my perfect location. All the fights with my camera over obtaining just the right focus, lighting, and sharpness that I so desperately want. Yes, there have been many a shoot that didn't make it here because I didn't think the quality was good enough. And I feel so much better about it! No more posts that look like one year ago.

But onto this outfit. It was far too good to let last year's crummy photography be it's sole history. Because this is still one of my most loved outfits, I knew I needed to do it justice. So in honor of its one year anniversary, we will discuss why this outfit is so perfect for late September. It's the perfect transitional outfit for when the mornings and evenings are chilly but the afternoons golden and warm. Nothing can quite make my mood like tall socks, boots, and my favorite slip, which can be styled and layered anyway I want. You could almost have a tumblr dedicated solely to styling this slip! Speaking of which, I am so sorry, but I do fear the next post also contains the voile and lace trapeze slip, but of a different color and a grunge-esque style. What can I say? It's a favorite and I believe in restyling your favorites all the time so that the piece can bring you as much joy as it's allowed in life. 

This jacket, which fit me better when I was a little bigger, is also a favorite. Perhaps I should get it tailored to be more fitted? Either way, nothing can stop me from wearing it this fall with joy in my heart at all the little ruffles in the back, for it's the little details that make a piece worth owning. What can I say about my scarf, now? It was a precious gift from my mother, picked especially for me from the streets of San Francisco. It's no secret that I love scarves and this one is probably my most loved. I wear it constantly in the fall and on winter days that don't demand wool.

Oh dear, I am afraid I may be rambling just a bit, but I just want to say thank you to everyone who has read this blog for the past year. Thank you for tolerating less than savory photos. Thank you for reading my ramblings. Thank you for your patience as I journal this thing called life. Thank you to everyone who has read, or will ever read.

Today's photos taken by my brother. Of course, I did all styling, camera settings, and composition.

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