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I'm going to say something that is not a common mantra in this world. We are totally programmed to think something different and that we are somehow insufficient if we do not give everything 200%. So I am going to say scream this. Are you ready?

Sometimes, you just need good enough.

There. I said it. I don't know if it's going to be the stupidest or the wisest thing I have ever said, but this year I am planning to find out.

You see, I don't know about you, but I like to set goals. I like to set really, really high goals. I also like to get upset when I didn't meet said goal or, alternatively, I may realize that I set the bar way too high and give up altogether. The latter has become a greater problem for me in my adulthood, and I'm guessing it may be affecting you too. This is bad and I'll tell you why: not every day is going to perfect,. Not everyday will be filled with an exquisitely detailed regime where you take in the perfect amounts of perfect vegetables and perfect exercise or even perfect eyeliner.

In a lifetime, we're going to have a whole lot of average days where we don't feel like we have 100% of anything. We are going to oversleep and feel like there is no point in doing a shorter workout. We're going to say "Eh, I had a donut for breakfast so my clean diet is shot today - might as well grab Taco Bell." But this year, I really want to change that about myself.

Instead, I want to adopt an "every little bit counts" mentality. Ok, so maybe I did spend too much time on my eye makeup and I don't have time to walk the dog a full mile - just get her out of the apartment for a few minutes and finish the rest when I come home. Maybe I did have a donut for breakfast (I can't help it - the best place in town is minutes from my apartment ok?!) but that doesn't mean it's pointless to have a salad at lunch and sauteed kale with my supper. It's all about the little bits hopefully helping to make life overall more peaceful and well rounded. In fact, maybe we'll even begin to lessen our fears of big, daunting tasks by breaking them up into tiny bits. I know this might seem silly and a bit rant-ish, but think about it. An "every little bit counts" mentality can really change your every day life.

Yes, I do have time to clean the apartment today - 10 minutes is all I have, and in 10 minutes things will be clean enough for now.

Yes, I can read a 500 page book - 30 pages at a time.

Yes, I can exercise today - 5 sun salutations will at least let my blood flow freely.

In little bits here and there, our lives slowly begin to become filled with a few good things instead of empty hours lost. So today, if all you can is manage one good serving of vegetables and squeeze in a little downward facing dog, remember that anything is better than nothing and that doing an little bit of anything is better than doing nothing at all.

Stay beautiful,


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