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I am thinking of starting a monthly goal series. I mean, I do have my monthly My Life Through a Lens series, and I do plan to keep that, but lately, I've been wondering if typing out monthly goals might help me, you know, actually do something.

I'm talking about little goals that help you become a better version of yourself. A higher quality bread for your butter, so to speak. While I am still keeping my yearly goal in mind, I do think smaller bites might be a teeny bit more useful for day to day life.
This month, I am going to focus on something a little broad, and a little generic. Yes, the old, tired subject of gratitude, except it is never old nor is it tired. However, I am not talking of the macro gratitude - aka being thankful for love in my life or having a car to drive. Those are good too, but what I really want to be aware of are the delicate tidibits that, when strung together, create our own joy-garland over the entryway of our hearts.
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I am thankful for snapdragons that just starting to open for me, as if greeting me with their tiny mouths to say "lovely day, isn't it?" I am thankful for that first bite of juicy strawberries as they slowly begin to hit the supermarkets again.

I am thankful for fresh spring rains dripping down my windows as if to promise lush, rich flowers soon to be popping up out of the soft soil. I am thankful for the grass beginning to push its tiny shoots through winter's hard shell. I am grateful to see colors slowly starting bleeding through the gray.
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I am thankful for uneven pages in books and short chapters and the laughter of children as they browse books I used to call favorites. I am thankful for the way my dogs lay in the sun while I read and early morning tea and 7:30 am golden rays leaking through my balcony door. I am thankful for the shadow play they provide on my pictures.

What seemingly insignificant things put together your joy-garland? Write them down. Snap them up. Feel fully alive.

Do you like to make monthly goals? Let me know which are yours. Maybe we can goal swap at some point!

Stay Beautiful,


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