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My Life Through a Lens is a monthly series of photographs I have taken and loved. It is also an opportunity to rant about anything I would like and take advantage of all creative forms. More than just an Instagram roundup (though many MLTAL posts will have images featured from IG), My Life Through a Lens is a diary of my monthly musings and an opportunity to rant about whatever I like.

Spring is here, so they say, but this morning the bitter winds whipped my nose as we took the dogs out into the green space. I almost don't believe it to be true, but the calendar does say April, so who am I to say winter is still gripping it's claws into 2016? Oh wait, I am a person feeling Old Man Winter's anger, so I am exactly the one to say he is a rather persistent fellow, so despite how springy I feel, I still need a sweater whenever exiting past my own door.

Nonetheless, nature is persevering nicely. Despite the threatens of snowflakes, all the colors of the rainbow are pushing through and making this life a little bit brighter each day.

I miss days where I could write and write and it feel like my well of words would never run dry. Lately, my life has been far too exciting to weave the intricate blankets so carefully, so I am afraid I will say adieu for today. Please have a wonderful spring weekend, even if it's snowing. Just find something warm and vibrant and focus your breathing on it for just a minute.

Stay Beautiful,



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