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Some moons ago, when the winter winds were still nipping at what little bits were still exposed, a little accident unraveled on a Saturday afternoon. At least, I think it was Saturday, though it doesn't really matter because the truth is that I was on a mission to avoid chores and errands and these other boring things known to adulthood.

And it happened that I wound into a thrift store instead and this beautiful dress pulled me into its orbit and a prayer was born. Lord, please let this fit.

That's the thing with thrifting - you often return home with empty palms.

Nevertheless, I needn't have worried because the odds were in my favor. What can I say? I am so happy with the dress - the colors, the patterns, the little bits of embroidery, the fact that I can wear combat boots with it (any item of clothing that enters my home must first pass the combat boot or Converse test, preferably both).

And that is the joy of thrifting. When you do find something, it's all the more special. It's like a little birthday gift waiting in the aisle of your local Goodwill, hoping to unfold into your arms and squeeze its way over your head.

Hopefully, it will look fantastic with my black cropped sweater this fall, with black tights, and, of course, woolly socks and black boots. Maybe I could thrift a tight black turtleneck like I wore here, as that one finally wore all the way through.

Speaking of thrifting, I recently found a Canon AE-1 I've been meaning to bust out. Even though I'm a Nikon user, the camera came with a lens, so who could resist?

What is your best thrift store find?

P.S. This beautiful tree is drooping in my front lawn. I am a blessed woman.

Stay Beautiful,


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