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Yeah, since I have no aspirations in life other than to just do whatever the hell I want, I am dedicating this  summer to books and foreign films.  At least for the films, I already have a list and everything!  It was actually a gift.  My favorite Spanish professor from college taught International Cinema this spring (why she couldn't have taught it when I took it is beyond me - my teacher had no idea what was going on) and she mentioned on Facebook how much fun she had teaching the class.  WELL OF COURSE I had to dork out and ask for the syllabus.

So far I have only watched Persepolis from the list.  You can read about here. Getting an insider perspective of the Iranian Revolution and all the crap that followed.  I mean, you know things, but then you see someone relate first hand experience and then you understand things.  Note: Knowledge and understanding are different.  For example, I never knew women could get pulled over for running.  Apparently it can make your ass move in an obscene way.  But anyway, I am not here to do film reviews.  Just watch it.

I just finished reading Play it as It Lays.  I got the idea from the Free People Blog Book Club, but for whatever reason they never finished.  Seriously, I waited three weeks then just read it on my own.  Whatevs.  Maybe it was too controversial?  I mean, it is all about a downward spiral, including an illegal abortion, coke, and pill poppin.

Other than films and books, it's time for outdoorsy stuff I say.  It's shaping up to be a beautiful summer in Lexington.  In fact, we really like living here.  So much that we might actually stay.  I mean, sometimes I wish I had a fancy job in a big city.   It even makes me somewhat depressed that I haven't gone out and forced my way into some fab career.  But to be honest, I do not want to be married to my job.  I mean it. Every time I watch reruns of 30 Rock, I remember that Liz is never away from work.  So.... no thanks.  I will just keep doing what I am doing.  And I am happy that way.
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