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hershey kiss peanut butter blossoms for christmas
Christmas Cookies

My Life Through a Lens is a monthly series of photographs I have taken and loved. It is also an opportunity to rant about anything I would like and take advantage of all creative forms. More than just an Instagram roundup (though many MLTAL posts will have images featured from IG), My Life Through a Lens is a diary of my monthly musings and an opportunity to rant about whatever I like.

DIY tabletop Christmas tree idea
Table Top Christmas Tree at Mom's
rainy christmas day
Raindrops falling from pine needles.
rainy christmas day tree
It was a very rainy Christmas...

catching raindrops on Christmas
Very nice spring this winter...
how to style a funny hat for boys
My brother bought a Yoda hat at H&M. The things they make these days.
dowtown Lexington Kentucky
Taken at the library after he shot this post.
kitty cat paw photograph
I saw one of my other brothers for New Year's. He has a pretty kitty.
stray gray tabby cat with a new home
She thought she was a model.
how to take a dslr selfie
I've always wanted to take a crappy road trip selfie.
nikon light leaks
Nothing special really. I just liked the way the light streaked as we drove.
So this is the New Year and I don't feel anything at all. No, it's true that I don't feel different, at least, but I do feel hopeful for the future. In particular, I am hopeful for my dedication to stories and poetry.

In my last post, I talked about words needing to flow from my fingers like spilled milk lapping up homework. I still feel that way today, and I can't help but think that I haven't been as true to writing as I would like. Yes, it is true that I have written some really great pieces for this blog that I am really quite proud of, but I am craving more. I have a hunger for more creative words and I can't seem get full.

Last week, I discussed my 2016 goal: less all or nothing and more "every little bit counts." Today, I am realizing, I need to transfer that to my writing as well. I feel like I have unintentionally left my poetry blog to starve because I haven't had time to go all in on a great many projects I have started, or because my muse slaps me when it least convenient (day jobs...). I've really got to change that, lest tumbleweeds begin to roll in my barren mind. When I do not use words, I find myself less satisfied with life - less happy. So I am going to make life changes that will hopefully keep my mind fit for battle.

Firstly, I want to really embrace my Dear Stranger project. It's such a nice little way to stretch the mind and allow creativity to flow. I stopped for a few reasons: laziness, lack of money to go out to coffee (where I usually did this writing), no time to spend 2 hours out on a Saturday morning, etc... There was always a reason why I couldn't start, and never a reason why I should just work on the damn thing for 30 minutes. It's embarrassing to be that under-disciplined. So in 2016, I want to try to write two stories about strangers a month and publish them to my poetry blog. I may flounder at first (quitting my second job is quickly becoming a priority in life) or even sink under the waves until March (when my second job will be done), but I vow to try. I vow to not let the idea of having to go out and find someone get in the way. I vow to write about anyone - a librarian, a postman, a stranger I passed on the street. Anything to get me writing something.

And so I will write. I will write in a notebook. I will write at the library. I will write at coffee shops and on my couch and in the park. But I will find time, even if for a few sentences. Even if I never show anyone, I will time to practice stretching my heart.

Secondly, I want to take more photographs of things that are not myself. Yes, this is a style blog, and that will never change. But I want to grow into so much more. Above you will see tiny little moments that have been so important in my day to day happiness. Those times when you can find even the most mundane things the most interesting moment in the world - that is what I want to capture. In 2016, I want to photograph more still life and learn what it is in photography that I truly like. I feel like a soldier armed with the right equipment, but not the experience to march to front line of battle. By 2017, I'd like to at least have a few beautiful still life photographs hanging in my apartment. Something to remind me that I can accomplish things.

What are your growth goals this year?

Stay beautiful,


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