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About Me

This is a blog about who I am. A coffee lover, a wife in love, a puppy mother. It is a creative space about who I am and whatever that may mean to me. It is a space for sharing the love of books, a good photograph, poetry, essays, the way lace falls on a dress or how shadows play on a hardwood floor. This is, primarily, a blog about words, personal style (leaning towards the bohemian), and the art of living. Let every breath be a work of art, every poem a piece of your heart, and every outfit an image of your soul. 

I am Elizabeth Rose, forever blooming into something newer and better. Blogger, lover, dancer, stylist. These are all things I strive to be on a daily basis. As a theatre and language student stuck in a boring office job, I created this blog in 2012 in an effort to maintain a creative outlet, develop new skills, discover my many talents, and show others that you are defined by doing what you love - whether or not you get paid for it. I believe in finding anything that makes you happy and to do a little bit of that anything every day - even if you aren't working in a "creative" field. 

From: How I Learned to Love My Body
For the most part, this is a personal style blog, peppered with (what I hope is) quality writing. Admittedly though, I will occasionally share some photography or a recipe because life is too short to be focused on simply one thing and I truly believe it's a crime to not share something that takes your breath away. Here, you find a normal woman living a normal life. You will often see the same clothing styled differently in multiple outfits because, like you, I don't have the time or money to cover weekly trends or a closet large enough to house them. I'm also an avid thrifter and believe clothing should not be a hindrance to our environment, to our home, or to our minds in the form of clutter. Personal style is just that - personal. Elements of what makes us all so uniquely beautiful should be found in our day to day lives.

I love dancing in sunsets and swatting bugs off my shoulders and feeling the sun leak through in strings.

Why We Adventure

More about me: I have one amazing husband, 4 brothers, two dogs, a love for literature, healthy eating, writing poetry, and a mostly minimalist wardrobe. I am a terrible gardener even though I try every year, I strive and fail to do more DIY, and I will forever defend the Oxford comma. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave me a little love note. I will be happy to provide you an answer!

Photographs taken with the ever so lovely Nikon D3200.
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