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how to style grunge in 2016
Now that we are enjoying these last few weeks of autumn until winter steals it away, I am very excited to announce a November mini-series here on the blog. After the success of this previousGrunge inspired post, I decided to do a month's worth of grunge inspired outfit posts. I find that this is a more secretive side of me. Hidden inside the love of ruffles and lace is a girl who just wants to hang out in ripped tights and denim cutoffs, which I often do when I am not on blog duty. Today, and for the rest of November, I want let that little part of me shine brightly and bring a little bit of a different flavor to this blog.

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It seems that every autumn people peruse Tumblr and Pinterest for grunge inspiration. It's something that so many of us associate with the changing leaves, but I always hear echoes of people wondering how they can wear a grunge look without looking like they tumbled out a Seattle 1992 alleyway. Believe me, it is possible to dress like a grunge princess in a more updated and streamlined way that won't make you look like you're stuck in an episode of My So Called Life.

I'm starting with an updated basic grunge ensemble for two reasons. One, it's the easiest grunge look to wear on a day to day basis. Much easier to wear out than a ripped Nirvana crop and army jacket if you don't want stares.  Two, these items are readily available at any thrift store or even the mall. Make sure you have a flannel shirt, not just plaid (yes, there is a difference - flannel is a type of fabric, plaid is a print) in a style you like. I personally believe boyfriend fits work a little better to achieve that careless mood, but if you do choose to go for a more fitted silhouette, make sure it's not too fitted. Your ribs should dance freely with the flow of your breath.

Next, choose your jeans. Denim is a a staple in most American closets since the 60s at least, and the late 80s/early90s were no different. Every grunge teen had a pair of careless looking denim and today you should not be the exception. To keep the look fresh, trade those 90s wider legged mom jeans for the more updated ripped-to-shreds skinnies that fit ever so snugly inside a pair of beat up combat boots.

Speaking of boots, shoes are also incredibly important to get that exaggerated historical image of grunge. Do remember me asking which combat boots to get? I eventually settled on these Corcoran military boots, and I'm ever so delighted with them. Of course, for today's outfit, they are a little too nice looking, but since these boots are such good quality, completely comfortable, and don't slip in wet or icy weather, I feel confident that after a few good winters or rock shows they will really rock my little heart.

But I digress. Finish your look off with a beanie, smack on a matte red lip, and go find some graffiti to stand against.

What's your favorite way to do grunge?

Update: Originally, I did say to do a red lip like I did here (and for next week's post too - sigh), but as May pointed out in the comments, red is totally fine, but a matte berry, brown, or black will work even better. Hoping to rock some berry soon!

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