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Crop top: Forever 21// Skirt: Earth Bound Trading (no online store)// Hat: Local

I am sure many of you heard the sad news that Tommy Ramone died Friday night.. I didn't mean for this post to be in remembrance of Tommy. I had actually taken these pictures much earlier in the week. However, since I had already planned this post, I felt it was only appropriate. The Ramones shaped me as they have done so many others since their conception. I was provided an outlet to just be a brat, be sweet, be fun, and be able to love and criticize in the same breath.

Despite our recent loss, there is still much goodness and kindness in the world. The kind of thing that keeps our chins up and dries our tears. For this week's weekly link up with Buttons and Birdcages, I have some things for some wonderful people.

  • To my coworker, you make me smile even when everything is wrong. Even when my boss is an idiot, even when I just want to walk out.
  • To my best friend in Arizona, you are amazing for giving me so much your time. I love how I can literally text about anything at anytime and you will always listen to my rant. What a beautiful life we have.
  • And finally, RIP Tommy, the world will miss you.
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