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Into the depths of forest, this dress make me feel like a moon goddess. To walk barefoot is to be connected to the earth, drawing energy from the raw ground. Perfect for a lazy summer afternoon.

Dress: Free People// Jewelry: various

For my weekly link up with Buttons and Birdcages, I have festival love! If you saw my earlier post, you know I went to Forecastle Festival in Louisville to see a variety of artists, but mainly Jack White.

  • To the guy who took up for me after someone else tried to plow me down, you are amazing! Please continue to stand up for the weaker. Thanks to you, I had the best concert experience of my life.
  • To the guy who gave up his spot at the barrier for a child, keep rocking dude! It's so wonderful for everyone to work together. Thanks to you, a little girl's first concert included being pulled onto stage so Jack could play for her. You are an amazing human being.
  • To everyone else at the barrier, thank you for creating a family-like environment while we all waited for a common gratification. You guys rock! Hope to see some of you again next time!
  • Also, my Beck dance partner (total stranger) is officially my long lost bff. Whoever you are, thank you for the great time. It means to much to party with me since my husband hurt his back and couldn't attend the final night. xoxoxoxo
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