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Few things are as hearty, delicious, and soothing as a baked brie. They are super easy to make and can make all these rainy evenings Lexington has been having seem like a dream. You can use any jam or fruit spread you like - my mother had given us some homemade strawberry preserves, so I chose to incorporate them. If you wish, you can make your own pastry crust, but I do not have a food processor so laziness kicked in. The first thing you will notice about this sin of a dessert is the light sweetness followed a rush of warm, savory cheese taking your mouth to an island in heaven. The stuff of dreams!

Baked Brie

  • 1 can crescent roll dough
  • 2-3 tablespoons fruit spread of choice
  • 1 round of brie cheese (rind removed if desired)

Preheat oven to temperature specified on the dough container. Carefully spread the dough onto a baking sheet. Do not spread too thin. If the crescent rolls start to break apart, simply push them together so that you have one large sheet of dough. Spread a thin layer of fruit spread.

Place the brie in the center.

Carefully fold the dough over the brie, and bake for the time specified on the canned dough, roughly 12 minutes.

Yes, some of the spread will leak out if you have any holes at all in the dough, but that was not really a problem. Let the pan cool and the stuff chips right off. Remove the brie with a wide spatula to a separate plate. Cut into that baby and enjoy.

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