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Slip: Free People// Sweater: H&M (similar)// Boots: Betsey Johnson (old) Socks: Urban Outfitters// Leggings: American Apparel Winter Leggings// Hat: Tidebuy// Rings: various

I'm going to be honest. I really do not know how many more outfit posts there will be for a while. I am going to try my best, but with the temperatures being in the 20s and it getting dark before I even get home from work, it has actually been hard! I have so many wonderful outfits I have been wanting to share, but the weather and lighting has been a photo nightmare. And don't even get me started on try to get my photographers to go outside.

Anyhow, what I will say is that I love pieces that work for so many different outfits. This Free People crochet slip is a dream - it can be worn by itself, with a tank over it for summer, or with a warm cotton sweater in winter. Yes, we are already onto winter. As much as I love fall weather, for the last two years winter has totally kicked autumn to the curb. It's supposed to snow this week! Snow before Thanksgiving! What is this madness that my little Southern heart will never understand?! Where I grew up, it rarely got below 40 degrees, so this has taken some getting used to. Perhaps I should make some posts about winter goods as I find them? I could start with the warmest leggings I have ever worn, or my new Bean Boots...

However, back to the point (I try so hard not to get sidetracked), I love this slip! It's flows with the wind. It's durable (you know Zeke has jumped on it too many times already). It's comfortable. In other words, purchase this baby at the first Free People sale you find (hint hint - they have a 4 hour sale every November so watch them!). Stock up on some much needed winter layers because winter is here to whip its miserable winds in our faces.

Maybe I can find a little love for winter though. Chilly breezes can be refreshing when paired against the thick, humid air of summer. What is your favorite part of winter?
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