Been a Long Time Since I Rock n Rolled | A Rose in Bloom

Dress:// Free People (old)// Shirt: H&M (similar)// Leggings://American Apparel// Socks: Urban Outfitters (similar)// Boots: Betsey Johnson (old)// Necklace: Anthropologie (old)

I have never fashioned it on this blog before, but this is my favorite fall/winter dress. It was one of my first clothing purchases made my early 20s and I still consider it to be one of my best purchases through the years. When I wear this dress, I feel youthful yet mature, free yet in control. Maybe it's the 70s vibe, but this dress made me feel like I just belonged in the aisles of our local record store this past Sunday. Like two halves forming a whole. There's nothing like browsing used records in a vintage looking number while blasting a little Led Zeppelin. What do you do to feel like you are stepping back a few decades?
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