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Sometimes, I just need to wear everything beautiful and be somewhere quiet. I am so very blessed to live right in the middle of everything - the busiest area of town is down the street to feed my need for city life. This quiet park is directly the opposite way, like a compass for my emotions. My yin and my yang, so to speak. While I love the sound of cars, businesses, and clatter, sometimes I just need hear the sounds of insects tip toeing on the veins of leaves, or a creek rustling it's own unique tune. When I get this feeling, the only option is to don a gown that mimics this life. Soft swishing fabrics make me feel at ease with nature. The gentle rustling has me walking with caution in the silent symphony, listening and waiting. On days when I feel this urge, I take my billowing skirts to this park and just sit. It's oddly cleansing and makes me appreciate both sides of my home. Just sitting and listening inspires my creativity and my pen begins to leak words before I even realize I have lost control.

In honor of this summer inspired creativity and the fact that this park is filled with honeysuckles, I share my thoughts of summers long past, and summers yet to come.

Honeysuckle Heartbeats

With June's thick days stealing the sun
my heart pines for the scent of honeysuckles
With heat heavy in the air and coating our lungs
my mind craves that sweet scent of honeysuckles
Creeping onto the pavement or sweeping through the woods
the South is alive with the scent of summer honeysuckles
And I recall those sweet days of childhood plucking the tiny buds
and sucking in the sweet nectar of honeysuckles

White little buds, you have made my heart beat for 28 summers
Gathered from gates, sidewalks, and stranger's back yards.
How many more are left?

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