Beauty Battles: MAC Ruby Woo vs Wet n Wild Stoplight Red | A Rose in Bloom
Please forgive the frizz. My hair hates humidity.

Red is my favorite lip color. It's easy to feel all made up without actually doing all the work and I'm lazy so... yeah. I am sure by now you have noticed how often I wear a red lip anyhow, based on how often I sport red lips in my photos. My favorite, favorite red has always been MAC Ruby Woo, which is drying as the Sahara desert but the color payoff was so beautiful that I happily prepped my lips each night and scrubbed all the chapped skin of day after day. If this sounds annoying, it's because it is. That and the fact that MAC started testing on animals means I will not be repurchasing my near empty tube.

But what's a red lip loving girl to do? She is going to try the Wet n Wild matte Stoplight Red, that's what. A lot of people on various sites claim this is a true dupe to Ruby Woo. I disagree with that statement. When swatched side by side (warning, terrible picture... cannot photograph swatches to save my life), Stoplight Red has a pinkish undertone while Ruby Woo looks more like a true red. However, once on the lips, I really quite like Stoplight Red! It doesn't look pinkish at all on my skintone and feels so much creamier than Ruby Woo. Goodbye, lip prep. I'll still moisturize at night (using Jack Black lip balm), but no more scrubbing and obsessive moisturizing to make sure I'll be able to wear Ruby Woo the next day.

Oh, and the longevity ain't half bad either. Stoplight red will get me through till lunch and I usually remove my lipstick at lunch anyway.

Ruby Woo: $16. Stoplight Red: $1.99

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