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how to wear a band shirt fashionably

how to wear graphic tees like an adult

Coming of age in the early to mid 2000s was a huge cultural turn of events for people in my age group. 911 left the US a country at war, and while I don't mean to get political on this blog, it did effect our culture, especially the music (American Idiot, anyone?). We saw a resurgence in rock music, hot and fast pop-punk, and the phenomenon of emo and scene kinda took over as I entered college. Politically charged and full of new rock ideas, music was the king of our generation. It would only go to say that band merchandise was a huge part of our style. The more we tuned into afternoon Fuse, the more we all began to wear skinny jeans, tight band shirts, and colorful Vans.

Today, I still want to wear band tees, as my taste in music has remained rather constant (totally saw Fall Out Boy last month. for realz), but it does become harder to style them without looking like you are about to enter a Panic! at the Disco show in 2005 or going through a weird goth phase. Nonetheless, there are ways to style band tees and still look like.... well, an adult.

Here are 4 tricks to wearing a band shirt fashionably. In this instance, I used my Jack White shirt that I purchased at Forecastle two years ago in Louisville.

(I know I just talked a whole lot of about emo and scene up there, but rock n roll was definitely on the comeback, The White Stripes were my favorite band in high school, and true love lasts a lifetime. Also, I do not own a Fall Out Boy shirt, so that would limit me.)

free people ruffle military twill jackets

how to wear a band t shirt

how to style a band shirt

Step one: go for a darker color. Black shirts will always look classic. They will never look out of place. If you do choose a brighter color (for instance, my husband wants a red Run the Jewels shirt), be sure to pair it with darker accessories to streamline and add maturity.

Step two: pair with a dark jean that fits well. Darker wash jeans tend to look powerful and sophisticated. For today's look, I chose black jeans to match the shirt for a streamlined, minimalist vibe.

Step three: add a well fitting jacket or blazer.  A great jacket or blazer always adds a touch of class and strength, thus making you look mature and wiser. It transforms just an outfit into a statement and you are making a statement - you really like to listen to the artist on your shirt, but not enough to throw it in someone's face. You are keeping yourself quiet, yet fierce.

Step four: simple accessories. Boots or dark sneakers tend to look best with band tees and dark skinnies. Avoid bright Converse or Vans for this outfit because it will look a little juvenile. Don't get me wrong - bright shoes have their place, but you need one element of your younger self. In this case, that's the band tee. Adding another element will get you carded at the wine shop in two seconds flat. Don't forget other accessories too! A nice scarf will do wonders, or even a statement necklace if the design on the shirt allows. Of course, nice statement sunglasses will always add a little oomph to a minimal outfit.

how to style a band shirt and still look like an adult

how to wear a band tee shirt

Wearing a band tee as an adult can still be a lot of fun and even a downright classy way to express your personal preferences in art. Do you still wear them? Do you try to incorporate them into "grown up" outfits? Do you have any additional tips for styling a band tee? Let me know in the comments.

*pictures taken by my brother*

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