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The New Year is finally upon us and there is something so powerful in such a word - new. In the cave of our minds we hear opportunity vibrating off the walls. We see a chance for a fresh start; a chance to shed our old skins and become born again into this world. We all have ideas of what we should do in the next year, but have you considered things you should do to help our old carcass slip off a little easier? Indeed, there a few little moments waiting for us to take advantage in preparation for a rebirth. Here are 6 little things you can do, but feel free to add your own cathartic effects in the comments.

Let Go of Something
Do you have something nagging at you, either mental or physical? Maybe you are holding a grudge against someone who wronged you. Forgive them. Maybe you've really been meaning to clean out your lipstick collection because you feel guilty that you only use about 8 of your 35 lipsticks.* Forgive yourself, declutter, and release those feelings of guilt. Whatever is tugging at the bottom of your heart, take care of it and begin the New Year with a clean slate. You'll be healthier and happier.

Treat Yo Self
Take a long bath, give yourself a manicure, get yourself a specialty coffee, and spike it with amaretto.  Sit around in your coziest sweater, your favorite socks, and nothing else. Make some stove top potpourri. Whatever it is, do something just for you. Reward yourself for letting go of something earlier! You can also check out my cozy tips for a few ways to treat yo self.

Write Something Down
Writing is a great way to lighten the mind of all the junk we were just talking about. Write about anything - how you felt at Christmas when people asked too many personal questions or how you saw sorrow in the eyes of your postman the other day. Write a list of gratitude or write about things you would like try but never have. Just sit and write - unload whatever is on your mind.

Change up a Routine
Changing your routine is a great way to learn new things or even appreciate your tried and true method of getting something done. Maybe you'll discover that you love that aqua eyeshadow you were about to toss. Alternatively, maybe you do hate it but you never have to wonder what if, and that is a powerful feeling.

Give Something Away
Did you declutter any physical stuff in step one? If so, I highly suggest giving it to someone you know would find the item useful. Someone else will be happy that you thought of them, and you will be happy knowing that an unused item has a new home. Bonus points if you have something you can give to someone in need. Homeless people are rampant in the cities, and holidays have the highest suicide rate of the year. By helping someone impoverished, you might be saving a life.

Do Something Brave
Have you always wanted to sign up for ballroom dance, but never had a partner or were afraid you would be awful? Now's your chance! Pick something you've been hesitant to try (you know, from the list you just made above) and go for it. Even if you decide you don't enjoy the activity or don't have the talent, you still learned something about yourself! For myself, I signed up for tap dancing on a whim one day. I took class for a month, realized I was pretty horrible at it, and dropped the class, but I'm so glad that I tried. I have an answer for that nagging what if question I mentioned earlier.

So Happy New Year, my lovelies! Is there anything I have left off my list? Can you think of any other sweet little cathartic moments we should embrace before that midnight toll? If so, please tell me; I am all ears, my lovelies.

Stay beautiful,



*Not that I have too many lipsticks or anything.


  1. I don't think I've ever commented the following about posts like this before, but these are incredibly powerful tips, Liz, and I truly mean that. They seem extremely run-off-the-mill, but when you really think about it in context of the word "new," (I am so glad you paused to linger on the weight of that word!) these can be life changing.

    The first one definitely has to be my favourite. I held a bit of a guilt this entire year (a bit is an extreme understatement by the way...) and only finally allowed myself to be forgiven by my stubborn heart a month ago and nothing had ever felt so liberating before.

    Writing things down, as you may have predicted from our mutual love for words and writing, definitely plays an important part in my life, especially with realizing the feelings I experience. I don't actually know how I feel until I start tainting a piece of paper.

    And "doing something brave". I love how you worded that. It could've been "Try something you've always wanted to" or something along that sort, but "something brave" is inherently more powerful.

    Loved this one, Liz, as I do with all your other posts.

    I hope you have a great count down to New Year. Cheers!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

    1. I totally agree about letting go being the most important tip. Mental clutter is bad for the mind and the soul! I am so glad you were able to find that forgiveness. It really helps to start with a clean slate!

      Somehow, I knew you would love the write something down segment. :D As far as being brave, yes, I chose that instead of trying something new because new can be anything, but doing something you are scared of? Whole other world. I need to work on it myself, but it's nice to know we can all be working together.

      Have a wonderful 2016!

  2. These are such good ideas. I really want to do some of them before the new year to make 2015 great. Thank you for sharing!

    1. You are welcome. I hope you find everything you need to start 2016 with a clear mind!

  3. I love all of these ideas!! I cleaned up under my desk and got rid of old stuff and I always feel so much better after a bit of organizing. I probably should go through my lipsticks actually! I treated myself to some new books...okay, a lot of new books! And I'm thinking of trying kickboxing next year!

    1. Kickboxing sounds cool!!! I actually just went through all my makeup... I have an embarrassingly large amount of makeup I need to sanitize and give away. Yikes.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks babe! It ain't every day that a model drops in. Happy New Year!

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  6. I love this!! The 'do something brave' is something I definitely need to act upon. I think I always stick within my comfort zone and just need to get out a bit more. The things you least except usually turn out to be the best too.



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