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As the trees are lit and glitter falls onto our eyelids, I am reminded that 2015 is coming to a close. 2015 was such a beautiful and hard year for me. Financially, it was the hardest time I have ever had. I had very little money for new clothes, but I was able to splurge on a fancy new camera and lens (thank you, tax return). Finally, I had the equipment for blogging better outfit posts, but I didn't have the money for more outfits. Glancing back, I didn't need more clothes. I had all the outfits I needed and more already sitting in my home. If there is one thing I have learned, it's that you do not need a large budget to buy lots of new clothes all the time (plus, it's bad for the environment). You only need a little variety, some creativity, and a lot of self love. So here's to gratitude, creativity, and a little determination. Outfits of 2015, you've been real swell.

This post was actually still with my point and shoot, but I still love this outfit and I still wear it rather frequently. It's incredibly comfortable for a Saturday spent at home or running errands and I have a thing for fabrics that make me feel like I'm flying in the wind.
I'm sad that this dress is beginning to fray a little. A perfect dress that really represents summer to me. The color, the swish, the way it lights up my cheeks. I will miss this dress when it's time comes.
Original Post: Purple Fields Forever
Original Post: Sunset Dancer
It was my first time to ever chase the golden hour. I still love how the light creeps in through the trees in streaks of radiance waiting to lick my toes. While I do mostly shoot in cloudy weather, I definitely learned to appreciate the golden hour that evening and how to feel the sun's light hit my face just right. I feel warm just remembering.
Original Post: Welcoming Fall Into My World
My 50mm f/1.8 arrived in the mail and I couldn't wait to break it in with my favorite dress. I let my husband take them instead of using a tripod so we could catch better movement. I could have walked on air at the thought of feeling like a Pinterest model.
Original Post: How to Wear Pigtails without Looking Childish
I love these tracks so much. That day, I felt like I lived in another time: a time of bandits and train robberies. A time of saloons and illegal whiskey shots. A time of horseback riding and movie tickets for a quarter. I just love this outfit and I don't have a good reason why, but love is reason enough to remember anything.
I reposted this outfit that month for two reasons. 1: I love it and true love lasts a lifetime. 2: I was so very happy to have better camera skills. It was a moment when my heart could have burst with gratitude and joy. There is something about being able to physically see a progression that makes you appreciate it so much more.
Original Post: Life is a Work in Progress and So am I + Gratitude
 The beginning of my annual fall grunge phase that lasts until it's warm enough to wear maxi skirts and ballet flats again.
Original Post: How to Transform Feminine, Bohemian Pieces into a Grunge Look
Original Post: Why I'm not a Good Fashion Blogger

 I love this outfit because I just put together all of my favorite things all at once and called myself a really, really bad fashion blogger. I was really starting (and still am!) embracing my stagnant wardrobe. This is also when I stopped listing outfit details - because it doesn't matter what brand I am wearing or where I bought a dress I have had for 3 years.
Original Post: The Story of the Curious Girl
I got brave and wrote a tiny story because I was feeling like my outfits were, perhaps, beginning to tell their own stories. Everyone wants a tiny part of themselves to live in a fairy tale at some point - even the evil parts have their own beauty.

Original Post: 3 Reasons I Avoid Over Accessorizing
 And... this is when I realized I wear my voile and lace trapeze slips from Free People waaaay too much.  I've had these in 3 colors for... 3 years now? I'm not sure. Really though, they are great pieces that don't need a lot of accessories, which, if you read the post, are not really my favorite thing anyway.
Original Post: How to Do Modern Grunge Part 2
 Grunge girl with a bit of a boho/Victorian Twist. This was an outfit that perfectly describes me on any given day.
Original Post: How to do Grunge Part 3 + How to Deal with Sorrow
Tights and shorts are my go to in the fall. It's easy, it's got edge, and I feel like a badass every time. But I wasn't really feeling like a badass that day; I was heartbroken over the Paris attacks. Forever, this outfit will remind me of tragedy, and for that, it had to make this list. This outfit will always remind me of a story in which lives cry for help in their agony, but I will also remember how the world united in sympathy and how, no matter what horrible things happen in this great world, we must always spread the blankets of beauty, truth, and love out across the plains.

What did your 2015 look like? Did you learn any lessons that have shaped you into who you are today? One of the great things about social media/blogging is that you can easily track your growth and appreciate life's lessons - even if they were hard at the time. Back when I realized I would not be buying very many new clothes, I really thought this blog would be over. Thankfully, I was really wrong.

Would you ever be able to go on a (mostly) no buy for a year?


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