A Rose in Bloom
Favorite new look of the week:

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
MAC Atlantic Blue
Urban Decay Creep
Urban Decay Woodstock
Tarte for True Blood pallette
MAC Contrast
Make Up Forever Aqualiner 13 (matte black)
Dior Extase mascara

Use your favorite eyeshadow primer and prime the entire lid.  I like Kat Von D and Urban Decay's Primer Potion, but I used Kat Von D for this look.  Then take NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and cover the inner half of your lid.  Do not cover the entire lid, otherwise Creep will come out gray!  After Milk, apply Atlantic Blue with a stiff brush. Really pat on the color so that it is even.  It's a matte color, and it can get a little powdery, so have a brush prepared to wipe away any fallout (if you pat instead of rub there should be minimal fallout).  

Next, apply Creep with a smaller eyeshadow brush.  I use Sephora's Classic All Over Shadow Small Brush #23. You will have to blend the two together a bit so there is not a harsh line in the center of your lid. You may end up with a little Creep creeping into the blue. This is fine.

After this, you will need to pull out any matte grey that works for you. I used the one in Tarte's pallette for True Blood.  Just take a tiny bit of it with a fluffy brush and blend out the crease so the line is not sharp.  Then, use your highlighting color of choice (I used The Light from Tarte for True Blood) and sweep across the brow bone. 

Now, you will need a smudge brush, (again, I just use Sephora's brand) and take Woodstock and carefully apply to the very inner eyes.  Do not use too much or you will look sick! LOL!  Lastly, finish it up with a little MAC Contrast on the outer edge of the lower lash line, and line they eyes with Aqualiner 13, or whatever your favorite black liner is!  Don't forget some mascara.  My favorites always tend to come from Dior.

If you like, you can finish the look with lips as well. I used MAC's Pillow Talk with Estee Lauder's Electric Ginger gloss on top.  You may want to do something pinker, in which case I probably would have chosen Urban Decay's gloss in Crush, or MACs Please Please Me creemsheen glass (if only I could find it :S).  However, I stuck with neutral lips because of my raging color block tights from Urban Outfitters! My foundation was Urban Decay Naked, and MAC Fever Blush.

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