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CONTROVERSY ALERT.  Everyone has different ideas of what punk or pop punk is.  Ask 12 different kids to name some punk bands, and you will get 12 very different lists.  Everyone is an expert on punk.  So this post is going to be music/bands that typically do get categorized as punk or pop punk and I don't want any lip about it.  I mean it.

Starting with oldies!

Yes, I know they were completely manufactured, but damn it, I love the Sex Pistols.  Fun, fast, and furious, oh and did I mention fun?  My favorite tracks were Seventeen and Holiday in the Sun.

Then there are my good friends, The Ramones.  Cliche, but kiss my ass. I have loved them ever since my mom bought me the anthology at Costco when I was 20 or so. Some of the most fun music I have ever listened to, because unlike the Sex Pistols, The Ramones weren't up in your face grundgy.  Favorite tracks: KKK Took My Baby Away, Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio, and lately, Needles and Pins.

A lot of people would mention the Clash next.  I like them but (omg blasphemy) they are not on my favorite bands list.  Though Lost in the Supermarket is a great song.  Oh what the hell?

Is Social Distortion really punk? Who knows or cares?  It's great music.  And don't bash, because one of my favorite songs from them is their cover of Ring of Fire. IT'S JOHNNY CASH AND SOCIAL D MIXED TOGETHER. Otherwise known as what we will listen to in heaven.

I also love Don't Drag Me Down, and Machine Gun Blues, besides their more obvious hits like Prison Bound (great great song).

Actually, I have never heard a Social D song I hated.  One of the few bands I could just put on shuffle and be happy with whatever played.

And I am about to get a lot of shit here but REMEMBER WHAT I SAID AT THE BEGINNING OF THE POST.  Everyone is an expert in punk.  So keep your expert opinions to yourself when I say that love love love Green Day.  I don't care that they sold out, I don't care that they actually grew up and started making music different from Dookie.  I don't even care that Billie Joe Armstrong is a complete douche.  They have some great songs man.  Favorites: 2000 Light Years Away, Basket Case, Deadbeat Holiday, and Nuclear Family.  Yes, I have a lot of favorites.

I could go on, but being that all the punk h8t3rs experts out there will already be having a seizure, I will stop here. Chau.
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