Practice Sessions 1.1 | A Rose in Bloom

Playing with contrast and learning about low light/indoor photography. There is so much to learn and so much with which to play. That poor little finch couldn't figure out how to get back outside... the window was closed. I assume he made it out eventually as he was gone when I returned home from work. The rest are random photos. I saw some beautiful opportunities at Coffee Times here in Lexington while stopping for a coffee and some reading. I swear, that place is the best. Best coffee, best store front, best environment. If it paid a living wage, I would quit my office job to work there! Those little tins are candles! Aren't they incredible? And of course you can find horse paraphernalia all over town. I mean, it's Kentucky.

Everything else are things I put together just for fun. My favorite cookbook, my favorite mug, my favorite hairpins, my favorite boots, and my favorite teacup. Life is better with a few favorites.

P.S. Zeke wouldn't leave me alone when I shot the boots, so here's his face when I told him to step aside. Even his attitude is handsome.

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