Seasonal Do: A Summer Bucket List | A Rose in Bloom

As the temperatures rise and and spring has already moved into summer, I've been thinking. When we were kids, summer was kinda awesome. We didn't care that it was hot because summer was about no school, playing, grilling, growing, chasing, and laughing. As adults, we all too often think of summer think of hot, mucky days. We love the sun and the long daylight hours, but we stay indoors when things get extreme (which, let's be honest, is already happening in half the US). We wait it out till fall.

This summer, however, I want to be different. I want to enjoy the season, even when it's mucky, hot, and the AC breaks. I want to soak up all the little joys of the summer. I want to sit on the porch and watch lightening bugs (or fireflies for you non Southerners) creep out of the grass. I want to clink cubes into Mason jars and fill them with tea. I want to eat fresh tomatoes and watch the sunrise. This year, I crave connection to each season. For me, the perfect way to create a connection is to make a list of all the little moments I want to absorb. I don't want October to roll around and realize that I missed a quarter of my year. So who is with me? Get out your favorite pen and let's get cracking!

What will be on your summer bucket list? Anything this season that you haven't done but always wanted to? GO FOR IT!


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