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I love fashion, let me be clear. I love styling. I love the way the gears turn and click in my head when I pair perfect pieces together. The way a smile creeps across one's face, confidence exuding into one's aura. Bliss.

But sometimes, I am freaking lazy. Sometimes, I'm tired and cranky and don't have energy to dedicate to a complicated outfit. Sometimes, I crave minimalism and I go on what I call a fashion cleanse. A reset to freshen my mind and keep things clear keeps me from getting burned out.  At times like these, something like this thrifted tee and my favorite jeans with a pair of basic sneakers is all I want. However, I am not really a basic person and I do tend to need some tiny little details to bring things together. A statement necklace and some rings is the answer, quickly followed with a lovely red lipstick.

Speaking of the aforementioned favorite jeans, I would like to take a moment to talk about these jeans, also worn here and here. Maybe it's normal, but I have such a hard time getting a good fit! I have wide hips with some junk in the trunk and most jeans gap in the back. These jeans from Lucky Brand are beyond perfect and I wear them at least twice a week. Finally, something works for me. I might even pick up a second pair when the opportunity arises - apparently, Lucky Brand does not use unethical methods of manufacturing. Obviously, I can't prove that, but it makes me feel better than grabbing a pair at Gap or Old Navy. Besides, hooray for fitting well!

Have you found the perfect jeans for your body type yet? Do you ever need a fashion reset and go back to the basics?
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